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Lecture Summary (12/19/2006)

The topic of this session was "Types of lexical information: grammar (parts of speech categories & subcategories".

The first aspect being dealt with was sentence syntax. First of all we discussed the noun categories. Determiners can be divided in four categories: articles (definite: the; indefinite: a), possesives (my, your, his, her, its, our, their), demonstratives (proximal: this; distal: that) and quantifiers. The different types of adjectives are scalar, polar, appraisive and ordinal. A noun is either a proper noun (a name) or a common noun (countable or uncountable). The categorie of pronouns includes personal pronouns, possesive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, quantifier pronouns and relative pronouns.

Afterwards we looked at the verb categories. There are two main types of verbs: main verbs (finite forms and non-finite forms) and periphrastic verbs (auxiliary verb + non-finite main verb). Adverbs have six different versions: deictic, time, place, direction, manner and degree.

The last aspect in this respect was named glue categories which is an exclusive term of Mr Gibbon. It includes prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

After that Mr Gibbon informed us about the structure of language. We learned that there is a certain sign hierarchy (from top to bottom):

  • dialogue
  • monologue/text
  • sentence
  • word
  • morpheme
  • phoneme

Mr Gibbon answered the question "What is structure?" by pointing out the two kinds of constitutive relations: structural relations (including syntagmatic relations and paradigmatic relations) and semiotic relations (realisation and interpretation). Furthermore we learned that a syllable consists of an onset, a nucleus and a coda (nucleus and coda form the rhyme).

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