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Lecture Summary (01/16/2007)

In this meeting we dealt with the topic "Types of lexical information: semantics".

First of all we had a short revision on the main kinds of definitions (componential definition, syntagmatic definition, paradigmatic definition). Then we had to analyse a corpus, namely a text about poodles (one of Mr Gibbon's favorite topics). We learned that poodle is a hyponyme (hypo meaning subordinate) for dog, consequently dog is a hyperonym for poodle. Poodle and terrier are co-hyponyms for dog. In the context of the corpus cross and hybrid are synonyms because they have the same meaning. An example for antonymes would be for instance boy and girl.

Mr Gibbon also revised the microstructure and showed us once more his model of types of lexical information and added models of microstructure information types (appearance, structure, meaning) and lexical semantics. Furthermore we looked once again at standard dictionary definitions and the components of definitions. In this respect Mr Gibbon introduced a new term for the genus proximum hierarchy (tree structure): taxonomy. Taxonomies are used in traditional lexicography for cross-references in standard definitions and for thesaurus construction. They are also of importance for other fields like artificial intelligence and text technology. Then we saw a summary of semantic relations featuring taxonomy (including hyperonym and hyponym) and meronomy (part-whole relation, syntagmatic relations).

Finally Mr Gibbon gave another example by showing us a text about ginger beer.

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